Digital Gallery

In a still from a video work, dense vegetation and a veil of fog surround a pond in the middle of a forest. From the top left, a large tree branch cast in shadow reaches into the center of the frame. At the bottom, a line from the video subtitles reads 'in my hand.'
On a sunny day, dozens of butcher’s knives stand upright on the bank of a river, their blades plunged into the sand. Lengths of white string crisscross the shore, dividing it into equal squares. At the top of the image is a river and its far bank, lined with trees.
Fifteen photographs are combined into a five-by-three grid conveying a narrative sequence read left to right. Four people are silhouetted against the soft golden-yellow background of a river bathed in early morning light. The figures stand in shallow water, bending to reach into it then gathering to examine their haul. Their reflections appear on the calm surface of the river.
On the left in a black-and-white photograph, a young girl with short hair and a flowered dress stands on a man’s shoulders and holds his upstretched hand. She looks over her left shoulder at a large statue of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh enthroned on a pedestal and adorned with garlands. The statue is at least twice as tall as the men beside it.
In a black-and-white photograph, one woman and two girls are gathered on the stoop outside a building. On the left, the woman in glasses wears white traditional dress and sits calmly, casting her gaze outside the frame. On the right, one little girl wearing a white feathery dress grins excitedly as she  rises from her seat, her hands blurred with motion. Front and center, the youngest little girl wears a striped dress and a bindi and looks downward with a serene expression.
In a digitally constructed image is a rusty orange desert landscape with mountains in the background. On the left, dozens of nude figures are assembled in the formation of a tall tower. On the right is a red creature with the body of a bird and the head of a woman. In the foreground, the semitransparent image of a woman’s face is superimposed sideways across the terrain.
Twenty-seven photographs are arranged in a nine-by-three grid. In the background of each image is a blue sky, and in the foreground of each image is an old red brick wall. Read left to right, the images convey a narrative sequence. On the horizon line, cream-colored modern high-rise buildings appear to emerge upward step-by-step from behind the red brick.
Twenty photographs are arranged in a five-by-four grid. Each image depicts one or more faucets belonging to different public drinking fountains. The fountains appear in diverse locations against colorfully tiled or painted walls, some with signs, posters, or religious icons. Both the fountains and their surroundings are dilapidated, showing rust, dirt, and signs of disrepair.