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The Sewage Pond’s Memoir 

Shot over a period of eighteen months, The Sewage Pond’s Memoir gently envelops the viewer in a wild, dark forest located at one end of the ancient Aravalli mountain range in western India. A memory of drawing water from a well is sparingly recounted. Misty light filters through a subtly unsettling environment of broken branches and reflects off the surface of murky streams. Referred to as “Delhi’s green lungs,” this forest that once fed the growing metropolis is being overtaken by sewage, trash, and construction creeping in along its edges. The forest has been an enduring source of Ravi Agarwal’s reflections on nature, tradition, and progress. 

The Sewage Pond’s Memoir
Ravi Agarwal (b. 1958, India) 
Single-channel video with sound 
Courtesy of the artist, © Ravi Agarwal