F1931.4, Sheep and Goat 二羊圖

Sheep and Goat by Zhao Mengfu (1254–1322) China, Yuan dynasty, early 14th century Handscroll; ink on paper 25.2 x 48.4 cm (10 x 19 in.) Purchase F1931.4 The inscription reads: "I have painted horses before, but have never painted sheep [or goats], so when Zhongxin requested a painting, I playfully drew these for him from life. Though I cannot get close to the ancient masters, I have managed somewhat to capture their essential spirit."

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Detail of chased silver metalwork with gilding, depicting a Persian hunter on horseback nocking an arrow to shoot a boar.

Plate (detail), Iran, Sasanian period, Reign of Shapur II, 4th century, silver and gilt, Purchase—Charles Lang Freer Endowment, Freer Gallery of Art, F1934.23

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