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Yamuna Morning IV

A tributary of the Ganges, the Yamuna River is a sacred site for Hindus, many of whom seek to purify themselves by drinking or bathing in its waters. Much of Atul Bhalla’s early practice is grounded in prolonged physical interaction with the river and in exploring its symbolic and practical significance. This sequence of images documents figures silhouetted against the early morning sky as they hunt for coins left as offerings to the river’s goddess namesake and then convene to examine their haul. Watching the coin gatherers in the light of dawn, Bhalla offers a meditation on the sacred waterway and its ongoing cycle of life.

Yamuna Morning IV
Atul Bhalla (b. 1964, India)
Inkjet print on archival Hahnemüle paper
Gift of Drs. Umesh and Sunanda Gaur, Courtesy of the Artist and sepiaEYE