Why Bento?

Visitors in the Freer Gallery
A Closer Look at American Art

The Freer and Sackler Galleries at the Smithsonian Institution boasts some of the world’s foremost examples of Asian art (not to mention the best Whistlers this side of Glasgow). We were trying to think of a way to bring the arts and varied cultures of Asia to our museumgoers who visit us in person, and those who stop by for a virtual browse. We wanted a name that would signify Asia, show that we’re made up of more than one thing, plus become a destination for those who want a filling serving of Asia on their plate … and so, Bento was born. We hope you enjoy the blog and learning about our resources, staff, exhibitions, and special events. And please drop us a note; we’re hoping that Bento can help us break the ice and strike up a conversation!

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