Objects Conservator Ellen Chase working with a writing box, or suzuribako (F1907.105a-e) in the laboratory.

Objects Conservation oversees the care of all three-dimensional objects in the collections. These comprise a wide range of materials, including ceramics, metals, stone, glass, lacquer, and other organics. Conservators engage in the long-term preservation and maintenance of these objects through both preventive and active measures. A main focus is the condition assessment and then any necessary stabilization and treatment of three-dimensional objects in preparation for gallery rotations and outgoing loans. The conservators also undertake research and exhibition-related activities for the museum, and carry out technical examinations of objects undergoing treatment and under consideration for acquisition. Additionally, they advise gallery specialists on technical matters regarding conservation, environment, storage, display, loan, and handling of artworks.

The Objects Conservation section places an emphasis on training and professional outreach efforts. Post-graduate fellows, graduate interns, and pre-program volunteers frequently make up a part of the Objects Conservation staff, as do visiting international conservators. For further information on training opportunities, please contact dcsr@si.edu.