Whistler in Watercolor


Watercolor Rediscovered: Whistler in the Nineteenth Century

In conjunction with the opening of Whistler in Watercolor, the following lecture series on May 19, 2019, explored the development of watercolor in the Victorian era and James McNeill Whistler’s contributions to the genre. The program featured talks by experts in British and American art history (Kathleen Foster, Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Curator of American Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Robyn Asleson, curator of prints and drawings at the National Portrait Gallery) and a paper conservation specialist (Emily Jacobson, paper and photographs conservator at the Freer|Sackler).


Whistler and Watercolor: History, Materials and Technique

Whistler’s Style and Technique: A Labor of Simplicity

Whistler and the American Watercolor Movement

Watercolor Rediscovered: Panel Discussion

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