Japan Modern | People

a black and white photo, feet of a crow
Fukase Masahisa

(born Hokkaido, 1934–2012)
black and white photo with bold white brushstroke-like marks on a black background
Hamaya Hiroshi

(born Tokyo, 1915–1999)
Black and white photo of a mother and child standing by a vertical structure with japanese writing on it
Hayashi Tadahiko

(born Tokuyama, 1918–1990)
sepia toned view of buildings along a canal
Hirogane Yoshiro

(born Okayama City, 1894–?)
A black and white photo of a lounging figure in makeup and kimono
Hosoe Eikoh

(born Yonezawa, 1933)
sepia-toned photo of three peaked roofs on a larger roof
Ishikawa Noboru

(born Fukuoka, 1881–?)
black and white photo of a room wallpapered in busy patterned paper, double doors with windows directly ahead
Ishiuchi Miyako

(born Nitta District, 1947)
sepia-toned image of a person walking between two wooden fences next to a building
Kitai Kazuo

(born Liaoning Province, Manchuria, China, 1944)
A black and white photo of a dog looking back towards the camera
Moriyama Daido

(born Ikeda City, Osaka, 1938)
black and white photo of three kids miming a battle
Nagano Shigeichi

(born Oita, 1925)
Black and white photo of a model of tokyo
Nishino Sohei

(born Hyogo, 1982)
sepia toned photo with the ground and sky on a diagonal
Shiotani Teiko

(born Akasaki, 1899–1988)
A child blows a huge bubble while a sailor stands in the far background
Tomatsu Shomei

(born Nagoya, 1930–2012)
Black and white photo of a man in white clothing and gloves, holding a stick, wearing shades
Tsuchida Hiromi

(born Fukui Prefecture, 1939)
several people working on the dunes with a cloud filled sky behind them
Ueda Shoji

(born Sakaiminato, 1913–2000)
Black and white photo of two children behind a chain link fence
Yamamura Gasho

(born Osaka, 1939–1987)