Edited by Debra Diamond and Dipti Khera
Contributions by Molly Emma Aitken, Saloni Ghuwalewala, S. Girikumar, Catherine Glynn, John Stratton Hawley, Shikha Jain, Robin Owen Joyce, Shailka Mishra, Anuja Mukherjee, Bhasha Shah, Emma Natalya Stein, Cynthia Talbot, P. M. Vasundhara, Caroline Widmer, Richard David Williams

Around 1700, artists in Udaipur began creating large, immersive paintings to convey the mood (bhava) of the city’s palaces, lakes, and mountains. A Splendid Land explores how painters depicted places, mapped terrains, and triggered memories to foster political and personal attachments to land. By examining social networks, ecological relations, and pleasurable pursuits, and by drawing upon previously untranslated sources and engaging with the history of the senses, the catalogue opens early modern art history to new interpretative possibilities.

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition A Splendid Land: Paintings from Royal Udaipur.

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