Freer in Focus

Just before the Freer Gallery of Art closed for renovation in January 2016, our docents led more than fifty Freer in Focus talks.

Docents each selected a favorite work of art from the Freer collection and shared their personal interpretations of the works in brief public gallery talks.

Japanese Guardian Figure, Kamakura period, 1185-1333, Japan, Freer Gallery of Art, F1949.20.

Beaker, Saljuq period, late 12th century, Iran, Freer Gallery of Art, F1928.2.

Canteen, Ayyubid period, mid-13th century, Syria or Northern Iraq, Freer Gallery of Art, F1941.10.

Head of a pharaoh, Dynasty 5 or 6, Old Kingdom, ca. 2675-2130 BCE, Egypt, Freer Gallery of Art, F1938.11.

Lidded ritual wine ewer (guang) in the form of a tiger, owl, and water bird, Early Anyang period, Late Shang dynasty, ca. 1300-1200 BCE, China, Henan province, Anyang, Freer Gallery of Art, F1938.5a-b.