Roof tile end

  • Korea, Three Kingdoms, Baekje, Sabi period (538–660)
    Excavated from the Mireuksa temple site, Iksan, North Jeolla province Earthenware
    Diam x L: 14 x 39.4 cm
    Iksan National Museum, mireuk 5916
    © Iksan National Museum

    Round roof tile ends like the one seen here capped the end of convex roof tiles at the eaves above the rafters, where they were intended to direct water off the roof. A notable feature of this roof tile end is the attached convex roof tile that has survived intact. Excavated at the site of a Baekje temple called Mireuksa, this type of roof tile end with six-petal lotus design was found in the greatest number, suggesting they were produced at the time of the temple's foundation.