At the Freer|Sackler, we do everything in our power to make sure that students have a positive and memorable in-gallery experience. As visitors, you, your students, and trip chaperones play key roles in making the experience the best it can be.

Teachers: Preparing for the Visit

  • Please do not ask students to complete assignments during reserved tours. Docents will have activities prepared for students.
  • For self-guided groups, please provide clipboards if students will be writing to discourage them from using walls and display cases as writing supports.
  • All groups must provide at least one chaperone per ten students. Chaperones must remain with their assigned group at all times.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the following information and share it with students and chaperones. We rely on teachers and chaperones to reinforce these guidelines during the visit:

Keeping the Art Safe

  • Food, beverages, and gum are not permitted in the museums.
  • Please walk—do not run—in the galleries.
  • Please do not lean on cases.
  • Use your eyes, not your hands, to examine objects on display.
  • Pencils are the only writing utensils permitted in the galleries.

Respecting Other Visitors

  • You can speak at a regular level in the galleries, but please do not shout.
  • Make sure there is enough room for people to get around your group and through nearby entryways.

We look forward to seeing you in the museums!