book cover for Scientific Research on the Pictorial Arts of Asia


Proceedings of the Second Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art

Edited by Paul Jett, John Winter, and Blythe McCarthy

Publisher: Archetype Publications with the Freer Gallery of Art
Subject: 1. Art and science 2. Asia-Antiquities 3. Asian art 4. Forbes 5. Scientific research
Publication Date: 2005
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 166
ISBN: 1873132743


A Technical Study of the Hokkedo konpon mandara
Jacki ELGAR, Anne Nishimura MORSE, and Richard NEWMAN

Materials for “Gold” and “Silver” Tints in Pictorial Ornamentation of Twelfth-Century Japanese Manuscripts
Yasushi EGAMI

Scientific Analysis Used in the Treatment of the Map of the World and Famous Cities Screens and Resulting New Perspectives on the Paintings
Yasuhiro OKA, Sadatoshi MIURA, Yasuhiro HAYAKAWA, and Tetsuo MIYAKOSHI

Three Polychrome Japanese Buddhist Sculptures from the Kamakura Period: The Scientific Examination of Layer Structures, Ground Materials, Pigments, Metal Leafs, and Powders

The Identification and Light Sensitivity of Japanese Woodblock Print Colorants: The Impact on Art History and Preservation
Sandra A. CONNORS, Paul M. WHITMORE, Roger S. KEYES, and Elizabeth I. COOMBS

Dayflower Blue: Its Appearance and Lightfastness in Traditional Japanese Prints
Shiho SASAKI and Elizabeth I. COOMBS

Recent Research on Historic Paper Components in East Asian Art Objects

An Evaluation of Xuan Paper Permanence and Discussion of Historical Chinese Paper Materials
M. Brigitte YEH and Jesse MUNN

Traditional Korean Papermaking
Hyejung YUM

An Investigation of Alum in the Gelatin Sizing of Far Eastern Paintings on Silk
Ekaterina PASNAK, Season TSE, and Alison MURRAY

Foxing on the Backs of Chinese Paintings
XIE Yulin and CHEN Yuansheng

Chinese Painting Colors: History and Reality
Jennifer GIACCAI and John WINTER

Painting Materials and Deterioration Phenomena in a Yuan Dynasty Wall Painting
John TWILLEY and Kathleen M. GARLAND

Research Plan for the Restoration of the Multicolored Paintings in Lungshan Temple at Lu-Gang
TUNG Kuo-king and TSAI Yu-lin

Crossing the Line: The Interplay between Scientific Examination and Conservation Approaches in the Treatment of a Fifteenth-Century Nepali Thangka
Marco LEONA and Sandhya S. JAIN

Kalighat Pats: An Examination of Techniques and Materials
Christine MACKAY and Aditi Nath SARKAR

The Conservation of the Cultural Property of India: Board Games Depicted as Murals
Rangachar VASANTHA

Artistic Practices of the Bohol School of Painting: An Analytical and Archival Study of Nineteenth-Century Panel Paintings in the Philippines
Nicole TSE

Wall Decoration Systems in the Temples of Angkor
Esther von PLEHWE-LEISEN and Hans LEISEN


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