book cover for Scientific Research On Historic Asian Ceramics

Proceedings of the Fourth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art

Publisher: Archetype Publications with the Freer Gallery of Art
Subject: 1. Pottery, Asian 2. Art, Asian 3. Technical Research
Publication Date: 2009
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 234
ISBN: 978-1-904982-46-3


Technology and Provenance

Scientific Analysis of Glazed Tile from the Seljuq Palace of Kubad-Âbâd, Lake Beyşehir, Turkey

The Study of Pyu Ceramics from Ancient Pyu Cities in Myanmar (Burma)
Nyunt HAN

Comparative Study of Cobalt Blue Pigment on Chinese Blue-and-White Porcelain and Islamic Glazed Pottery, Thirteenth-Seventeenth Centuries

Analysis of Persian Painted Minai Ware
Kerith KOSS, Blythe MCCARTHY, Ellen Salzman CHASE, and Dylan SMITH

Stoneware and Porcelain

Study of the Composition and Microstructure of Koryŏ Celadon and Whiteware from the Kiln Complex at Bangsan Village, Kyŏnggi Province, Korea
Carolyn K. Koh CHOO, CHOO Woong Kil, AHN Sang Doo, LEE Young Eun, and KIM Gyu Ho

The Provenance of Ancient Chinese Proto-Celadon
WANG Changsui and ZHU Jian

Microstructures of Chinese Green-Glazed Porcelains from Ru Guan Kiln and Laohudong Guan Kiln
LI Weidong, LUO Hongjie, and LI Jiazhi

Scientific Study of Porcelain from the Lingwu Kiln of Xixia Dynasty in Ningxia, China
SONG Yan and MA Qinglin

Technological Innovation in the Manufacture of White Porcelain in North China
ZHU Tiequan, WANG Changsui, MAO Zhenwei, YAO Zhengquan, PAN Weibin, and XUE Bin

Research on the Question of Dating Chinese Famille Noire Porcelain
Linda Rosenfeld POMPER, Jeffrey P. STAMEN, and Norman R. WEISS

Han, Tang, And Contemporaneous Ceramics

Mingqi Pottery Buildings of Han Dynasty China: Production Methods and Techniques
GUO Qinghua

The Spread of Pottery Miniatures in Han Dynasty China

Characteristics of Tricolored Earthenware from the Huangye Kiln Site and the Heijo Capital Site Determined by Nondestructive Analysis
FURIHATA Junko and TATSUMI Junitiro

The Latest Archaeological Discoveries of Tang Sancai in China and the Study of Provenance
CHENG Qian and LEI Yong

Mutual Influence and Imitation of Mesopotamian and Chinese Ceramics in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

Production And Distribution

Defining a New Type of Japanese “Folk” Ceramic: Nishi Sarayama Ware
Andrew L. MASKE

The Impact of Imitation Ceramic Industries and Internal Political Restrictions on Chinese Commercial Ceramic Exports in the Indian Ocean Maritime Exchange, ca. 1200-1700
Rahul OKA, Laure DUSSUBIEUX, Chapurukha M. KUSIMBA, and Vishwas D. GOGTE

Beyond the China Sea: Characterizing Asian Stoneware Jar Production at the Transition to the Early Modern Period, 1550-1650 C.E.
Peter GRAVE and Michael MACCHERONI

Khmer Ceramics

New Data on the Distribution of Khmer Ceramic Kilns and the Study of Ceramics
EA Darith

Preliminary Results of the Anlong Thom Kiln Excavation on Phnom Kulen in Angkor: A Case Study of ALK01
CHHAY Visoth, CHHAY Rachna, SAN Kosal, SOK Hun Ly, and TABATA Yukitsugu

Rethinking Khmer Ceramics and Metal Vessels through Ancient Inscriptions and Bas-Reliefs: Khmer Ceramic Typology through Ancient Words
SOK Keo Sovannara


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