Summer chaofu (formal court dress) for a top-rank prince

Chinese artisans have captivated the world for thousands of years with their skill and creativity in working with silk. In particular, renowned silk garments were produced for the Qing dynasty (1644–1911) court. This court robe, a chaofu, was required to be worn by high-ranking court officials and princes for important occasions, including imperial audiences, court assemblies, or religious rituals. From its exceptionally intricate tailoring to the extraordinarily fine embroidery, every detail signals the power and confidence of the ethnically Manchu rulers who commanded a wealthy and multiethnic empire.

Court robes worn by the ruling family and court officials played a significant role in announcing their status. There were detailed dress regulations regarding materials, colors, and symbols in the Qing court that were dictated by an individual’s rank. The imagery on this court robe provides clues that it belonged to a top-rank prince.

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