Unearthing Arabia: The Archaeological Adventures of Wendell Phillips

Stele with the figure of a woman

Stele with the figure of a womanWendell Phillips noted in his book: “More important if not so aesthetically satisfying were the discoveries Professor Honeyman made that enabled him to reconstruct tentatively the ancient Qatabanian burial habits. Their tombs were elaborate and well constructed, with two to four chambers opening off an entrance corridor. Each chamber was two or three tiers deep, the tiers being separated by large paving stones built into the sides of the chamber for strong support. Within the tiered chambers Professor Honeyman found many human bones but never a complete skeleton. . . . Most of the worthwhile art objects were discovered outside the burial chambers in the entrance passages—inscribed stelae, sometimes complete pottery vessels. . . .”

Stele with the figure of a woman
Inscribed: Gabi’ of the family of Hani’mat
Timna, 3rd century BCE–mid-1st century CE

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