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Portrait of Falak, from the series Bombay Mix 

Portrait of Falak is a masterful work of street photography from Ketaki Sheth’s series Bombay Mix. A young child named Falak appears finely dressed on a doorstep and presents a contrast to the two figures behind her. While her youthful countenance sets her apart from the bored woman on the left, her still and thoughtful demeanor is a foil to the smiling girl in an excitable blur of motion on the right. With characteristic sensitivity, Sheth distills the clamor of an exploding city into incidental moments of moods and gestures. 

Portrait of Falak, from the series Bombay Mix
Ketaki Sheth (b. 1957, India) 
Silver gelatin print 
Gift of Drs. Umesh and Sunanda Gaur