Unearthing Arabia: The Archaeological Adventures of Wendell Phillips

Plaque with inscription and phiale

Plaque with inscription and phialeThis unique object combines a dedicatory plaque with an outstretched hand holding a flat dish, or phiale, that originally served as an oil lamp. It was found in the House Hadath, a two-story private residence with its plaster walls and floor still intact.

The inscription reads:
Hamat’amm Dharhan of the tribe of Dharhan offered to his god and lord, the master of Yaghil, a hand which is illuminated with an oil lamp and a dedication, conforming to that which is promised and assured him. He committed to the master of Yaghil his faculties, his powers, and his offerings against anyone who changes its place. By Amm, Anbay, dhat-Himyam, and with the master of Salban.

Plaque with inscription and phiale
Timna, first half of 1st century BCE

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