Roof ridge ornament (Chimi)

  • Korea, Three Kingdoms, Baekje, Sabi period (538–660)
    Excavated from the Mireuksa temple site, Iksan, North Jeolla province
    H x W x D (greatest ): 99 x 94.8 x 58.4 cm
    Iksan National Museum, mireuk 4949
    © Buyeo National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage

    Unearthed at the site of a Baekje temple founded with royal patronage during the reign of King Mu (reigned 600–41), this roof ridge ornament was discovered among the remains of its eastern monastic living quarters. One notable feature of the roof tile is it is cut into two halves for easier firing in a kiln. The wings are marked by a stepped pattern, and their edges are punctuated with round holes. Thin branches or sticks may have been placed in these holes to either adorn the chimi or to keep away birds.