Masters of Mercy: Buddha’s Amazing Disciples

Fantastic Monasticism

A rakan with overgrown eyebrows stands with his palms together before a pink-robed rakan reading a sutra scroll.
A gaunt and elderly rakan gossips with a youthful rakan holding a peacock fan.
Daily Life, Five Hundred Arhats: Scrolls 1 and 2
A group of rakan makes its way into the bathing pavilion, bundled toiletries in hand.
An acolyte beats drums to announce the hour of baths.
The Bath, Five Hundred Arhats: Scrolls 9 and 10
Two boys with newly shorn heads bow down before a group of rakan.
The ritual of tonsure, or shaving of the head.
Tonsure, Five Hundred Arhats: Scrolls 17 and 18