Anyang: China’s Ancient City of Kings 

Life in the City Credits and Bibliography

The excavations at Liujiazhuang were conducted by the Anyang Archaeological Team of the Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The work was led by Tang Jigen (former head of the Anyang field team), Yue Hongbin, Yue Zhanwei, He Yuling, and Niu Shishan. English translations of the Anyang Archaeological Team’s excavation reports include:

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“The Bone Workshop Site of Yinxu Period at Tiesan Road in Anyang, Henan.” Chinese Archaeology 17 (2017): 128–37.

“The Excavation of Burial M89 at Tiesan Road at the Yinxu site at Anyang, Henan.” Chinese Archaeology 18 (2018): 89–100.

“The Excavation of a Cache of Lead Ingots in Liujiazhuang Locus North of Yinxu, Anyang, Henan.” Chinese Archaeology 21 (2021): 125–32.

Illustrations for this feature derive from these excavation reports as well as from images provided by the members of the Anyang Archaeological Team who led the work at the site. Special thanks are extended to Tang Jigen for providing diagrams and behind-the-scenes images of archaeologists at work at the Anyang site drawn from his book, A Brief History of the Excavations at Yinxu (1928–2018): Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2018. Additional publications that have contributed to the content of this presentation include:

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