Chigusa's mouth.

Detail, Tea-leaf storage jar named Chigusa; China, probably Guangdong Province; Southern Song or Yuan dynasty, mid-13th–mid-14th century; Stoneware with iron glaze; 41.6 cm (h); FSC-P-6964.1


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Ascetic man seated on a leopard-skin covered bed with his arms crossed and held above his head.

Detail, “The Fakir Praoun Poury”, Hand-colored etching with aquatint on paper, From an English copy of Frederic Schoberl (1775–1853), The World in Miniature: Hindoostan, vol. 2 (London: published for R. Ackermann, 1822), Robert J. Del Bontà collection, E974

A Tense Relationship

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Scene of Shiva seated on a leopard skin beneath a tree with Parvati and baby Ganesha, with Nandi and other related figures and other related items nearby.

“Le dieu Siva au sein de sa famille” (The god Shiva and his family), Chromolithograph and letterpress on coated paper, From a set of twelve French trading cards, Histoire de L’ Inde (History of India) (Produits Liebig “Ameliorant la cuisine,” 1939), Robert J. Del Bontà collection, E207

Shiva as an Ascetic

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