New Acquisitions: 2016

Ornamental combs and hairpinsJar with stamped and slip-inlay decorationVat"Mountain bowl"
Portrait of Jalal al-Din MirzaBodiesAmrita beside Mother's PortraitNight Sky
KettleBizen ware bottleServing bowlSquare serving dish
Set of five dishes Vase
Black Pottery Windows (Kokutō no mado)Album of Calligraphy Tube (cong 琮) with thirteen tiers of masksFunerary five-spouted jar with cover for storing grain
Patchwork quilt coverPatchwork garmentPatchwork quilt cover
Length of fabric (from a quilt cover)
Notebook containing textile scraps1969, Kanda-Ochanomizu, Tokyo

January 18, 1969, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Yasuda HallOctober 21, 1968, Anti-War Day, Shinjuku Incident, TokyoJanuary 18, 1969, Tokyo University, Tokyo, The Faculty of Engineering building (Reppin-kan)June 15, 1969, Hibiya Park Tokyo