Dance from Indonesia: Classical and Modern

Watch as master Javanese dancers Urip Sri Maeny and Pamardi Tjiptopradonggo perform pieces from the classical court tradition of central Java, as well as a new work reflecting modern dance innovations in Indonesia. They’re accompanied by a gamelan ensemble led by Sumarsam, one of the world’s leading authorities on Indonesian music.

Performing Indonesia

The National Museum of Asian Art has been home to three Performing Indonesia festivals. Listen and learn through the online publication and the music podcasts below.

Javanese Gamelan Music

Shimmering Sounds from Bali: The Gamelan Ensemble of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts

Balinese Music and Dance: Gamelan Mitra Kusuma

Festival Booklets

Further your knowledge of Indonesia’s performance traditions with the festival booklets.

Performing Indonesia: A Conference and Festival of Music, Dance, and Drama (2013)

Performing Indonesia: Music, Dance, and Theater from West Java (2014)

Performing Indonesia: Islamic Intersections – Part I: September‒October Programs (2016)

Performing Indonesia: Islamic Intersections – Part II: November Programs (2016)