Sacred Sites in Southeast Asia | Borobudur

Indonesia, Central Java, Shailendra dynasty, 9th century, Andesite

A cluster of stupas on descending levels, with green jungle and a mountain beyond
Relief carving showing a nagaraja bowing
Relief carving showing a corpulent guru with devotee
Relief carving depicting a boat with figures in it
Back view of stone Buddha with relief carving, facing away from the camera towards a green landscape that fades into blue hills
Relief carving of a teacher in a palace
Lush green landscape seen from a hill
Series of stone stupas high above a lush landscape
Relief showing figure carried in a palanquin
Relief of flying figure
Demon mouth carved over a door flanked by two sages and ornament
Makara mouth shaped corner drainspout against cloudy sky
Close up of relief showing three faces
Relief showing makara
Relief panel with Buddha enshrined
Volcanic mountain against colorful sky at sunrise
Volcanic mountain glowing in sunrise light, with stupa finial in foreground and lush landscape