Takako Sarai

Curatorial Assistant to Kit Brooks and Frank Feltens

(202) 633-0403

Takako Sarai was trained in Japan as a traditional calligrapher of Japanese script. She is a master of old Japanese writing systems and reads and writes old phonetic scripts (hentaigana). After spending several years at the Freer and Sackler as a research assistant, Takako joined the museums’ curatorial staff in 2005. Since then, her translations from English to Japanese have been appeared in numerous exhibition catalogues and scholarly publications, including “Charles Lang Freer and his Hokusai Painting Collection” (Hokusai, Nikkei, 2005), “Women in the Realms of Clay” (Soaring Voices, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, 2007), Hokusai’s Brush (Seigensha, 2018), “Freer Gallery of Art” (Bessatsu Takyō no. 269, Heibonsha, 2019) and “A Forgotten Star: Tomioka Tessai from the Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection” (Shūbi vol. 35, Shūbisha 2020).”