Sol Jung

The Shirley Z. Johnson Assistant Curator of Japanese Art

photo of Sol JungSol Jung specializes in Japanese art history with a focus on how transnational maritime trade impacted Japan’s visual culture during the premodern period. Jung received her B.A. with distinction in History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania, and her M.A. in Art and Archaeology from Princeton University. Sol curated Princeton University Art Museum’s first thematic exhibition of Korean ceramics entitled “Korean Ceramics: From Archaeology to Art History.” She has examined the reception of Korean tea bowls, called kōrai jawan in Japan, during the sixteenth-century. Fieldwork at several maritime settlement sites in Japan, and analysis of period tea documents, literary texts, and archaeological remains have informed her research, which has been supported by the Metropolitan Center for Far Eastern Art Studies and the Kyujanggak International Center for Korean Studies.